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The Zone having taken notice of the individual gifts granted to the amazing Nasirat of the zone, organized a Creative Art Program on March 6th, 2022 at the Swedru Ahmadiyya Mosque. There was a total audience of 24 Nasirat from Agona West, Agona East, Mankrong Junction and Nyakrom Circuits that form part of the Zone.

The program afforded the Nasirat to display their individual gifts with the zone aiming to polish them into talents for personal development. The program witnessed the Nasirat exhibiting their creativity in paper works, after wash and doormats. Their finished products were displayed and exhibited to the admiration of the Lajna Sadr with her Executives, the Agona West Circuit Missionary, Muallim Abubakar S. bin Siraj and the Zonal Missionary, Maulvi Ismail K. Frempong.

The Nasirat who attended and took in the program were so happy and wished for such programs to be organized regularly. Some of the finished products were sold to cater for the cost of materials used for the practical. One should expect to see neatly designed doormats at the Agona West Mission House one of their finished products.

All the attendants were given some of the ‘After Wash’ for their personal use. They reciprocated this kind gesture with much appreciation. It is our hope that, the Zone gets the necessary support to help unearth and develop natural talents for development.


Healthy vision plays an important role in academic success. Vision is closely linked to the learning process and undetected problems often will cause trouble with school work. A vision screening May also include vision testing of your eye's reaction to light, muscle coordinating or viewing simple images and graphs that could reveal colour blindness or other hidden problems.

An eye screening exercise was held on the 5th of September 2021 for members of Nasirat in Agona Swedru.  There was an opening prayer led by Agona West circuit missionary. The program began with a short discussion led by Dr. Rahmat Keelson, a Lajna member and an optometrist at the Agona Swedru Municipal Hospital about some "do's and don’ts s" in eye care. The Nasirat members contributed immensely on what they have to do as well as what not to do to keep their eyes safe.

After the short discussion, each member went through an eye exam. The eye exam consisted of a first part where the Nasirat members had to identify some alphabets, numbers or tell the direction of the block letter "E" to determine how well they can see. This was done in assistance with two dedicated Lajna members who volunteered to help out with the exercise. It was then followed by an eye examination done on each participant by Dr. Rahmat Keelson. A total number of 45 Nasirat participated in the eye screening exercise, 7 Lajna members were also present. After the screening , those with various conditions were directed and advised to visit the eye clinic with their parents for further eye examination, others were recommended to use lenses to improve their vision, some were also given prescriptions. Alhamdulillah the exercise came to a successful end. The Nasirat members comported themselves very well and went through the exercise successfully.

On behalf of the Nasirat members of Agona West circuit, we say JAZAAKUMULLAH  to Dr. Rahmat Keelson for the love and patience shown to the Nasirat members during the exercise.

A report by Miss Jannat Zakaria- Agona West circuit.

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