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"The case of those who take helpers beside Allah is like unto the case of the spider, who makes for herself a house; and surely the frailest of all houses is the house of the spider, if they but knew!" - Holy Qur'an 29:42

Black and White Mosque



85. Nasiratul-Ahmadiyya is an auxiliary organisation of Lajna. Wherever there are three or more Nasirat in a Majlis, the organisation of Nasirat-ul-Ahmadiyya shall be established by Sadr Majlis and a secretary Nasirat shall be appointed. The real responsibility of making the Nasirat active is upon the Sadr Majlis. She should closely monitor the Nasirat department and provide constant guidance tp them.


86. When a girl is 7 years old, she shall be a member of Nasiratul-Ahmadiyya.


87. The Nasirat shall be divided into three grades:

  • Grade III aged 7, 8, 9 years

  • Grade II aged 10, 11, 12 years

  • Grade I aged 13 and 14 years


88. Secretary Nasirat shall make an Amila team of Nasiratul-Ahmadiyya. Secretary Nasirat shall be responsible for conducting Nasirat programmes successfully.


89. It will be the responsibility of Secretary Nasirat to supervise that all Nasirat girls are paying Chanda according to the prescribed rate and also supervise that Chanda Waqfe Jadid is being regularly collected. If instead of the Lajna office bearer, any other Jama'at office bearer is responsible for collecting Chanda, they should record on the receipt that the Chanda is from Nasirat.

a) Secretary Nasirat should make a budget and make a team to collect the Chanda, even though the Markazi budget will be the same.

b) Assistant Nasirat Shoba Mal should keep a note of Chanda collected, however, however the amount will stay in the Lajna account.


90. For every Grade an examination should be set based on the syllabus and efforts should be made to ensure that maximum number of Nasirat participate in the exxamination.


91. Educational and physical competitions should be organised.


92. It shall be the duty of Secretary Nasirat to appoint a Lajna member in every Majlis to supervise Nasirat.


93.a) Emphasis should be laid on the religious and moral training of the girls.

b) Necessary means should be adopted for the intellectual advancement of Nasirat.


94. Secretary Nasirat (Majlis) should present her report to her Sadr Majlis, every month. No report will be accepted without the signature of Sadr Majlis.

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