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Ekumfi Zonal Lajna Holds Maiden Ijtema

The Ekumfi Zonal Lajna held their maiden zonal ijtema on 31 st July, 2022 at the T.I. Ahmadiyya Basic School, Otuam. The theme for the ijtema was, ‘Striving to Attain Moral Excellence, a Call to Every Lajna.’ The Chairperson was Madam Mariam Mahmood, the Mankessim Zonal Vice Sadr. The Guest Speaker, Mrs. Imrana Incoom (Naib Khidmate Khalq Secretary) spoke of the theme for the ijtema and advised members to strive to attain moral excellence. Madam Hassana Issah Afful (Essarkyir circuit sadr) also spoke on the topic; The need for the Imam. Members from various circuits in the zone prepared various items for exhibition. The ijtema was attended by 304 Lajna and 96 Nasirat and girls as well as some circuit Muallims and the zonal missionary, Maulvi Hafiz Muhammed Arkoh who also addressed members. Alhamdulillah the ijtema was a success.


Ekumfi Zonal Lajna and Nasirat Learn How to Make Pancake

On the 26th of December, 2021, the Ekumfi Zonal Lajna as part of the handicrafts activities for the month, learnt how to make pancakes. The Ekumfi Zonal Sadr, Madam Fatima Adam, taught members how to prepare delicious pancakes. The activity was held at the Ahmadiyya Mosque, Ekrawfo. Lajna members from all 4 circuits in the zone participated. A total of 47 Lajna members, 14 Nasirat and 3 girls were present.