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Kasoa zonal Lajna Imaillah held their 2nd annual conference on the 27th of March 2022 at the Kasoa central mosque on the theme: "The need for sacrifice, the surest way to purify the soul". 


In her welcome address, the zonal Sadr, Mrs Amatu Shakoor stated that the zone has four circuits and a total of 605 Lajna, 155 Nasirat and 79 girls. She enumerated some achievements of the zone in the areas of Khidmate Khalq, Handicraft and Financial contributions. She stated that as part of the National programme to get two members from each zone to learn dressmaking, the Zone identified two Lajna members and put them into the learning of dressmaking since September, 2021. They are given monthly upkeep and a room is rented for one of them. This she said was to help them learn the skill and train other Lajna members in the zone as well.

She further stated that the zone will soon put 200 chairs donated by a member to hiring in order to generate funds to run the affairs of the zone.


Dr. Fatima Eshun, Naib Sadr 1, addressed the gathering on the obedience to Khilafat. She reiterated how members should hold fast to this blessed institution in order to reap the eventual benefits for themselves and their progeny. She re-echoed Huzoor’s counsel to members that "the Lajna Imaillah Centenary is not worth celebrating if members don't increase in spirituality." She highlighted some of the activities approved by the Khalifa to be undertaken to commemorate the Centenary celebration and urged all to be part.


Hajia Rahmat Moomen Muslim, former Sadr Lajna Imaillah, Ghana, currently an Honorary member of National Amila and Chairperson for the occasion added that through the inspiration of Allah the second Khalifa established Lajna so that believing Women and children can be given spiritual training in order for them to live decent lives. 


The guest speaker, Hajia Rahmat Ayyub Ainooson (Secretary Umoore Talibaat) also highlighted the unparalleled sacrifices of the companions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) among whom was Hazrat Abubakar who gave all his wealth for the sake of Allah; Hazrat Omar who gave half of his wealth and Hazrat Abu Talha Ansari who offered his orchard which was dearest to his heart at the revelation of Holy Qur’an ch 3:93. Hajia stated that it is for these righteous deeds that Allah had mentioned in Surah Waqiah that He will count them among His fortunate servants on the day of judgment.


National Sadr Sahiba who joined the conference at a later time as result of attending Tema zonal conference conveyed warm Salaam from Huzoor(aba) to both the Lajna and Nasirat.  She mentioned how Huzoor had commented positively on activities of the three main shobas namely; Ta’lim, Tarbiyyat and Tabligh and had prayed for members after receiving our activity reports. Sadr Sahiba requested all members to make every effort in whatever way they could to raise the status of Ghana Lajna to the level that compares with international standards. She stated that this is how our beloved Huzoor(aba) has challenged all members.


Also present to grace the occasion was Hajia Sarah Bonsu, a former Sadr Lajna Ghana and Honorary member of National Amila; Zonal executives of Accra zone Lajna and two circuit missionaries. In attendance were 228 Lajna and 52 Nasirat.

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