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28th May every year is celebrated as World Menstrual Hygiene Day. The Theme for this year’s celebration was, ‘No girl should be left behind because of menstruation.’ Lajna Imaillah saw the need to take part in this year’s celebration. Sanitary items and some other stuff were mobilized and presented to the Ettukrom Methodist Basic School Girls and Boys. The date chosen is 28th May because it is a 28-day monthly cycle and flows on the average in 5 days hence the 5th month of the year to serve as a reminder to all girls and women. On the 3rd of June 2022, the Lajna Imaillah of Koforidua Zone made a kind donation to Ettukrom Methodist Basic School to commemorate the Day as service to all mankind. About twenty (20) Lajna members took part in this donation exercise. Items donated included; 6 boxes of sanitary pads, 100 pieces of hand sanitizers, 5 bottles of liquid soap, 2 packs of pencils, 2 packs of pens, toffees and biscuits.

The beneficiaries were mainly the upper primary, JHS (Junior High School) form 1-3 as well as the staff of the school. The head of the Lajna delegation in the person of Madam Jameela Bonzie advised students on the importance of menstruation and encouraged the girl child to be proud of their status as young adults. The head of school, staff and students could not hide their excitement and gratitude for the donation. The head teacher thanked the Lajna members for the donation and urged the members to carry out more of such donation to the school.


The Lajna Imaillah of Koforidua Zone held a picnic at Bonsu Mosque dubbed Sisters Day Out as part of the activities of the Umoore Talibaat department. The picnic was for students at the secondary and tertiary level as a way of fostering bonding and also helping them deal with some the current challenges confronting young Ahmadi ladies. A total of 20 students participated and were supported by 4 members of the Lajna Imaillah. As part of activities for the day, there were two main speakers for the day in the persons of Muallim Jamaluddin Donkor (Koforidua Circuit Missionary) who spoke about “Why Are We Ahmadi Muslims” and Mrs. Habeeba Amankwah Wahab (Lajna President for Somanya Circuit) who spoke on “How to maintain a healthy Islamic lifestyle”. In his address, Muallim Jamaluddin drew participants’ attention to the truthfulness of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at and illustrated it with various prophecies in the Holy Bible, Holy Quran and Ahadith and how those prophecies have been fulfilled. He told the participants to be proud of their religion because they are on the right path. He reminded them to be grateful to Allah for guiding them unto the right path. He encouraged them to be confident as they go out there. He urged them to read Jama’at literature and do their own research about the truthfulness of the Jama’at. In her address, Mrs. Habeeba Wahab explained the essence of veiling and the benefits that one derives from putting on the veil. She gave her personal experiences and blessings she has derived from putting on the veil. She also cautioned them on hazards of social media and the need to abide by Huzoor’s directive of ladies not putting their pictures on social media. She advised the students to take their prayers seriously and also make it a habit to read the Holy Quran regularly and also be listening to the sermons of beloved Huzoor.

As part of the program, leaflets of the Jama’at were distributed to people in the vicinity through a house-to-house exercise as a form of Tabligh.


The zone was fortunate to hold it Zonal Cooking Competition and Meena Bazar in September last year. The zone decided to use the money generated from the bazar for charity work. Alhamdulilllah, on 5th December, 2021, four Zonal Amila members visited four very old Lajna members in Kibi and Koforidua Circuits. They were Maame Fatima Katanu, 89 years old, Maame Aisha Sebe Ishaq, 88 years old, Maame Mariam Tenkoramaa 89 years and a retired nurse Madam Rashida Twumasi. They were all very grateful to Lajna for the kindness. A token was given to each of them. All present joined hands to pray for their good health and the safe departure of the team. Alhamdulillah.



On 24th July, 2021 the student in the Koforidua circuit met at Kukurantumi mosque for their second general meeting. There were eleven UT members supported by four lajna. The program started with a recitation from the holy Quran and open prayer.

The student were welcomed to the programme by the Zonal Lajna. She advised them to observe purdah the Islamic way of dressing, she said they should keep the puardah of their inner self and the veil high. She quoted Huzur Rabbi may Allah have mercy on him and I quote, before observing Purdah, you should answer the question of whether you care about Allah or other people. If your answer is Allah then you will not care what other people will think of you.   Next on the program was blessings of financial sacrifice by Miss Rayana Sadiq SHS graduate. They also had discussion on Pros and Cons of social media led by Miss Lubna Jamal Donkoh a student of Kintampo College of Health and Well-Being.

They ended their program with a tabligh forum on Islamic way of Worship in the holy Quran and in the bible.  Mualim Jamaludeen Sahib, the Koforidua Circuit Missionary answered a number of questions raised by the students. He added that they should exhibit the qualities learnt during the program. They distributed forty flyers of the jamaat.

A closing prayer was led by Maulim Jamaludeen Donkoh.



Members of Lajna Imaillah of the Koforidua Circuit organized a waqar e amal at Suhyen CHIP Compound on Sunday, 14th March, 2021. A total of thirteen (13) Lajna and three (3) Nasirat participated in the exercise. Some Nurses at the Health facility including the Head Nurse joined in the clean-up. The Head Nurse expressed her gratitude and appreciation to Lajna for the good work done.

The people of Suhyen were appreciative of the work done by Lajna especially some natives returning home from their church services stopped to say ‘ayekoo” for the work done.



On the 7th of February, 2021, a total of twelve Lajna and eight Nasirat joined a tahajjud (pre-dawn salat) at the Koforidua central mosque. After Fajr salat the missionary in charge Maulvi Mubarak Adil gave the Lajna opportunity to ask questions, most of which were on Janaza. On the first Sunday of every new month, the Koforidua jamaat offer congregational tahajjud salat in the Koforidua Mosque.

Following the prayers, a health walk was organized for Members especially the Nasirat.

Members ended the activities of the morning with a clean-up exercise, waqare amal in and around the Koforidua central mosque after which breakfast was served.  

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