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On 30th October, 2022, Kumasi South Zone Lajna made a donation to the Asokwa Children’s Hospital. The items donated included; detol, mops and mop buckets, gloves, parazone, nose masks, tissues etc. The activity was led by the Zonal Sadr, her Naib and few of  Lajna members of the zone.

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Kumasi South Zonal Lajna had a breast cancer awareness and screening exercise at the Asafo Ahmadiyya Mosque. It was attended by 56 Lajna members. A lecture was delivered on what breast cancer is, its causes, people who are prone get it, and how one should examine herself every month. The program was held on 30th October, 2022.

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On the 9th of October, 2022, 15 member of Atonsu circuit Lajna joined the circuit in a waqar e amal at the Atonsu Ahmadiyya Mosque.



A cooking competition was held at the Atonsu Mosque. It was attended by 35 Lajna. Alhamdulilah it was an amazing day. Representatives from Atonsu, Pramso, Bekwai, Bosome Freho and Nusrat Abad circuits participated by preparing different menus altogether. Atonsu had its starter as coconut and rice drink, fufu and abunabuno as the main dish and chocolate cookies as their dessert. Nusrat Abad had Soobolo, T.Z prepared with Millet alongside with its evergreen soup and stew and fruit salad as their dessert. Bekwai prepared watermelon juice, nuhuu (mpihuu) as commonly known and pancakes.

Bosome Freho had orange juice as starter, ap3prensa with crab as their main dish, nkate cakes and spring rolls as their dessert. Pramso prepared a very sweet scented fried rice and chicken and labogini as their dessert. Among the judges were Naib Sadr III, Hajia Fathia Mubeena Adusei, the Zonal Sadr, Handicrafts and Exhibition Secretary and circuit Sadraat.



On 16th July, 2022, Berkwai circuit held a tarbiyyat day. The program commenced at 10:00am prompt. The program began with a participation of 30 members and ended with 55 members Alhamdulillah.  A speech was delivered on ways to keep our marriage and the upbringing of children. A Health Talk on menstrual hygiene was also delivered. Members were advised to avoid the use of T-rolls and should instead use sanitary pads and bath at least twice daily and make the changing of pads a habit.



The circuit held their session on 25th June, 2022 at Pramso Ahmadiyya Mosque with theme "SPIRITUAL ILLNESS AND WAYS TO SOLVE THEM." There were 70 participants; 45 Lajna and 25 Nasirat. The Program was graced by the presence of the Pramso Methodist Women Leader. She said in the means to cure one’s spiritual illness, one should be kind and faithful in his or her activities. If one is improved in spiritual faith, one is always happy, truthful and kind. The main speaker, Hajia Mariam Hakeem in summary said; ways of solving one's spiritual illness is by performing 5 daily prayers, regular payment of chanda, refraining from lies, hypocrisy and to try to make sacrifices. A health education on Burns was give, i.e., how to give immediate care to burns and the types of burns.


Alhamdulilah the circuit had its first ever rally with the theme "Moral Upbringing of Children - the Role of Lajna" at the Atonsu Mosque on 12th June, 2022. Mrs. Ayesha Oppong who was the guest speaker spoke about the theme. She told members how man was created by quoting Surah Al-Mumin verse 13-15. She said the Promised Messiah(as) said, for a parent to train their children morally then it has to start with a prayer when one wants to be intimate with the partner till the time she conceives. It is believed that when at the month of pregnancy, the child hears everything the mother does. We should not kill our children due to poverty and not always should parents decide for them. Among her points include; giving them both moral and circular education, domestic training especially cooking since a lot of marriage are broken due to that, also guidance and counselling and decent dressing etc. The rally was attended by 79 Lajna, 31 Nasirat, 20 Girls and 2 Nurses who were there to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

Mrs. Rahmat Frimpong spoke about "How to establish peace in our Marriage." She said marriage is not just between two people rather between 2 families. If one’s choice is based on the person physical outlooks then chaos will be everywhere. True happiness and peace can be achieved only when we follow the sunnah of the Holy Prophet(sa). The Fear of Allah, Love, Patience and Good Morals should be our main keys for choosing our spouses. Prayers should be our weapon throughout our marriages in which both families are involved.

There was a health talk on Kidney Disease by Miss Hajirah Owusu and at the end, she entreated members to drink more water, do regular check-ups, avoid keeping urine for long and finally, to avoid self-medication. Alhamdulilah the circuit had the Privilege to honour the Former Sadr for her enormous and tremendous hard work for the Circuit which took place at Atonsu Mosque on June 12, 2022 during the conference. The Current Sadr of Atonsu, Mrs. Ayesha Suleman then invited Mrs. Hawa Ahmed (Asafo Sadr) to present the honour to the Former Sadr who is now the Sadr for the Zone i.e., Kumasi South Zone. She is in the person of Mrs. Amina Anderson. We say may Allah bless you among His blessed servants. Ameen



During the 89th National Jalsa salana held on the 27th and 28th of May, 2022 at Bustan e Ahmad, a total number of 346 members participated virtually; 130 Nasirat and 216 Lajna. Members from Atonsu and Nusrat Abad circuits converged at the Asafo central mosque together with members from Kumasi North Lajna to listen to the faith inspiring messages. Bekwai, Bosome Freho and Pramso circuits participated from their respective mosques.

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On the 6th of March, 2022, National Lajna Sadr visited the Lajna members of Kumasi North and South zones. She was accompanied by a number of National Amila Members. Sadr Sahiba and her entourage were met at T.I.AMASS SHS Kumasi. Starting her address, Sadr Sahiba recited Suratul Fatiha, a portion of Holy Qur’an chapter 3:103 and a part of vs 104. She commended both zones for the warm and nice welcome. She extended a warm and loving salaam from our beloved Huzoor Anwar(aba). She stated that the purpose of her visit is to get to know us better and to feel our physical love and to receive their physical love.  She urged all members to continue to pray and supplicate to Allah Almighty to help us find a cure for covid-19. She also urged all Lajna members to avail themselves to be part of all Lajna activities. She drew the attention of members to the verse she recited after Suratul Fatiha which talked about fear of Allah and total submission to Him. She urged members to be patient and steadfast after reciting the Kalimah and hold on fast to the rope of Allah. She continued by saying that we can work more on our reports and improve upon it. She also advised members to always be sincere in paying their chanda and all our other financial obligations and do it with the fear of Allah. She also reminded members that “heaven lies under the feet of our mothers” so we should perform our salaat as it should be performed and pay our zakat as it should be paid and be righteous women and Allah will not deny us Heaven. She reminded members about the contributions towards the Lajna Osu project. She also encouraged members to make good pledges towards the Tahrik-e Jadid and Waqfe Jadid schemes. She urged the young girls to continue their education even after marriage. She ended with the prayer that may Allah grant His blessings upon every household and make us good Muslims let us be steadfast. About 149 Lajna members from Kumasi North Zone, 300 Lajna members from Kumasi South Zone, 56 students from T.I. AMASS SHS and over 70 Nasirat from both zones were present.

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A tabligh session was organized by the Atonsu Circuit Lajna in Kumasi South Zone. The talk was done by Muallim Abdul Kareem Akyirifi (the Circuit Missionary) and the Naib Sadr for the Circuit, Madam Rahmat Frimpong. The activity took place on 22nd February, 2022 at the school premises early in the morning at 7:30am. In attendance were four hundred and forty (440) students, 236 males and 204 females and 7 Lajna members. The talk was on respect. The speaker emphasized that as children they (the students) have to obey their parents and also respect everyone around whether old or young.


This program was organized by Bosome Freho circuit in Kumasi south zone, Ashanti region. It was a handicraft activity that sort to train all circuit handicraft secretaries in the zone to be taught in their respective circuits. It was held on 26th December, 2021 at the Bosome Freho mosque after a zonal consultative meeting. Facilitated by the zonal handicraft secretary Madam Jamila N. M. Karikari, 30 Lajna members were present. Materials/items needed for the making of rosette and hampers; A pair of scissors, Hamper basket, Solution tape (solutape), Ribbon Cellophane, Packaging items of your choice e.g., provisions, toiletries, drinks ,candies, pastries etc. Rosettes and hampers come in different forms and styles, for instance we have round rosettes, pointed rosettes, gift hampers, celebration hampers etc. Colours of ribbons hamper baskets and cellophane may depend on the gender of the recipient and sometimes the relation between the giver and the receiver. Males often go for colours like blue, green, grey etc. Females on the other hand prefer pink and other hot colours.