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Sadr Lajna Mulk, ends the 2020/2021 Lajna year action plan activities with a tour of the Western Zones. Hajia Anisa N. Iddrisu, following her appointment as Sadr Lajna Imaillah Ghana, outlined a number of activities for the National Amila calendar which includes tour of the various Zones in the Country.


Alhamdulillah, Sadr Lajna has toured most of the Zones in Ghana, ending the year with an official visit to Tarkwa on the 18th of September, 2021. She was accompanied by seven (7) National Amila members – Naib Sadr 1, Dr. Fatima Eshun Abbas, Naib General Secretary – Miss Amina Arthur, Tahrik Jadid and Waqfe Jadid Secretary – Mrs Katura Ibrahim Anderson, Naib Secretary Mal – Ms. Sarah Berge, Accra zonal Sadr- Mrs. Sakina Mohammed, Khidmat Khalq Secretary and her Naib – Hajia Mrs. Mariam Osman and Mrs. Imrana Ibrahim Inkoom.


Tarkwa Lajna and Nasirate convened at the Zonal Mosque, instead of the durbar grounds as planned due to the heavy down pour of rain to welcome Sadr and her team. They were welcomed by Eighty-five (85) Lajna members and thirty-six (36) Nasirat making a total of One Hundred and twenty-one (121) members in attendance. The meeting commenced with a recitation of a portion of the Holy Quran by a Lajna member followed by an opening prayer and the recitation of the Lajna Pledge led by Sadr Lajna Mulk.


In her address, Sadr Sahiba extended Huzur’s warm Salaam to members and recited a portion of the Holy Quran. She then explained the purpose of the visit, which was to meet with members and discuss the way forward in our work in the cause of Allah almighty. She reminded members present that the true religion which Allah has established for mankind is Islam. So, to understand the true meaning of the religion we are practicing, we must know the basis on which the religion was established. That is, the five pillars of Islam, which every member knows. She then proceeded to mention them as a reminder to all present.  

The first pillar “kalimah shahadah” is to believe in Allah as the Creator of the universe and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as His messenger and His servant and the seal of the prophets. Nothing should stop us from following the commands of Allah which He has sent through His messenger.

The second pillar, performance of salat, which every Muslim is obliged to do and at their fixed time (period). She added that, when we intend to pray, we should have a focused mind as we are presenting ourselves before our Creator and then put our request before Him.

As Muslims, we belief and put our trust in Allah almighty, therefore we have no reason to complain about life challenges as we worship Allah alone.  Also, Salat is for our own benefit and Allah has not made it a burden to us. Rather we should be happy when we say our prayers sincerely and wholeheartedly.

Sadr Sahiba advised members to strive to love one another as Islam was established to bind us together with love as the motto of Jama’at Ahmadiyya is “Love for All Hatred for None”.

Sadr Sahiba continued with the third pillar, payment of Zakaat. She said, whiles prayer is obligatory to every matured Muslim, Zakat is also a requirement because when Allah blesses one with wealth she is expected to spend in the cause of Allah and share with fellow human beings. Sadr explained that one has to be grateful to Allah for His sustenance through the payment of chanda and other levies of the jama’at in order to gain Allah’s blessing. She mentioned that whether one is blessed with properties or not, one has a part to play to be rewarded by Allah. That is making small sacrifices willingly could attract Allah’s blessings. She further, elaborated that within the jama’at there are various activities that distinguishes us from other Muslims. For instance, the payment of Tahrik Jadid and Waqfe Jadid.

The Fourth pillar, fasting is a requirement for every Muslim who has the strength to fast. She advised that parents should encourage their children to fast so it does not become difficult for them when they grow up into matured adults. During the month of Ramadan, we gain Allah’s blessings when we fast and our supplications are granted when we are able to abide by the commandments of Allah. She further added that as women we gain more blessings by preparing food for the start and break of the fast in the month of Ramadan.

Finally, the last pillar, the performance of pilgrimage to Mecca not compulsory for people without the means, but when one embarks on such journey attracts Allah’s blessings.


Bringing her speech to an end Sadr Sahiba, Hajia Anisa N. Iddrisu advised members that abiding by the Lajna constitution is responding to the call from Huzur (atba). So, disobeying various office bearers would mean disobedience to the Khalifah, hence we are expected to always obey and not complain when asked to pay an amount for the cause of Allah. She explained to members that proposal concerning our finances was sent to Huzur (atba) for approval and as members of the Jama’at, we are expected to pay dues to ensure the Jama’at continuous operation.


She concluded that, members should promote peace and harmony and extend love to everyone within and outside the jama’at and must strive to live a righteous life. Also, she reminded Lajna members of our roles as women in our matrimonial homes.  We must bear in mind that marriage is a contract to fulfill Allah’s commandment, hence we must do our possible best to avoid divorce and be faithful and submissive to our husbands no matter their status and in return they should also show sympathy towards us. We should always pray to Allah for Him to grant us steadfastness in our marriage. Sadr admonished that, wives should give their consent for their husbands to marry other women if they wish to since it is permissible in the religion and it is also for our own benefits. She ended that; we have greater responsibility in the upbringing of our children so we must be mindful of our actions especially our mode of dressing which should be decent as Muslims.

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