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Being passionate about the welfare of members of the Jama’at and the nation at large, Hajia Anisa Nasirudeen Iddrisu, Sadr Lajna Imaillah Ghana on Saturday, 25th September, 2021 arranged and met the executive members of the Ghana Muslim Ladies Association (GMLA) at the national Central Mosque, Kanda in the Greater Accra Region.

Sadr Mulk was accompanied by nine (9) National Amila members namely: Naib Sadr I, Dr. Fatima Abass Eshun, Naib General Secretary, Miss Amina Arthur, Naib Secretary Tabligh, Mrs. Amina Noeille Avadra, Naib Nasirat Secretary, Mad. Sarah Anderson, Naib Secretary Mal, Mrs Sarah Badu Berge, Accra Zonal Sadr, Mrs. Sakina Mohammed, Naib Secretary Talim, Mrs. Hameeda Mensa, Naib Secretary Sihat Jismani, Mrs. Nusrat Gyasi and Secretary Umoore Talibaat, Mrs. Rahmat Ayyub Ainooson.

Addressing her reason for such an august meeting, Sadr Sahiba after introducing members present, stated that, the women’s association of the Ahmadiyya Community Ghana-Lajna Imaillah Ghana- wishes to establish a cordial relationship with the entire Muslim women in Ghana. She said” the purpose of our visit is to get familiar with one another as Muslim women and to see how we can enhance cooperation as we have a common goal, to contribute to the growth of our religion, to propagate Islam for the world to see the beauty of our religion and to ensure the proper upbringing of our children which is paramount to every Muslim woman, as the hadith says “paradise lies under the feet of women “, and taking care of our homes.”

 Sadr Sahiba explained that it is about time Muslim women rise up to give a new image to the true teachings of Islam. She said “this aim could only be achieved if female Muslims come together as one body to share ideas and address issues related to the religion as well as the nation at large.”

After addressing her mission to the hosts, executive members of GMLA welcomed members of Amila. Hajia Fatimatu N. Suleman, president of the Association agreed with Sadr Mulk that it was about time Muslim women came together as one body to rise against immoral acts ascribed to by our youth in recent times. She said we have to come together to share ideas concerning matters related to the religion nationwide, which could only be achieved through education.  That is, the need for educating every Muslim child in the country. This could help in addressing the issues of immorality and other social vices labeled against Muslim youth.

An executive member, Hajia Ummu Zakari requested if Lajna Imaillah could join the Federation of Muslim Women Association of Ghana (FOMWAG) which could help members in addressing issues concerning Muslims nationwide.

Sadr Sahiba, Hajia Anisa N. Iddrisu assured that members of Lajna imaillah would cooperate with any Muslim organization to help solve social issues related to Islam especially the welfare of children in the society.

The meeting also discussed some other matters including the issue of street beggars (children) which is tagged against Muslims. Members discussed the need to issue a letter to help curb this menace which Insha Allah will be of greater benefit to Muslims as well as the nation at large.

Report by:

Amina Arthur

Naib General Secretary,

Lajna Imaillah Ghana

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