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The National Umoore Talibaat Secretariat supported female students of the University of Cape Coast to organise a virtual forum via Zoom on 28th February, 2021. The three-hour audio forum hosted by the General Secretary, was held upon request by the National Umoore Talibaat Secretariat.

Alhamdulillah, about 158 members in total participated in the virtual forum with 31 female students from the Ahmadiyya Girls Senior High School in Asokore, 77 students from T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School in Fomena and over 50 other students.

The topics discussed during the forum include ‘Inferiority Complex: Causes, Effects and Interventions” and “Personal growth and Entrepreneurship.”

The National Umoore Talibaat Secretary, Hajia Rahmat Ainooson chaired the forum and the Naib Umoore Talibaat Secretary, Miss Fateena Faheem also attended and assisted with the conduct of the forum. Naib Sadr III, Hajia Fatiha M. Adisei Donkor made a presentation on the topic inferiority complex, whilst a young Lajna Imaillah entrepreneur, Ms. Zainab Serwaa Acheampong handled the topic on Entrepreneurship. The presentations were followed by a question-and-answer session. Alhamdulillah, it was a most successful forum.

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