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Sadr Lajna Mulk held a virtual meeting with fifteen Zones in Ghana on 21st March, 2021 to enable her meet with the remaining Zones yet to be visited during her familiarisation tour of Zones in Ghana.


At the beginning of the Lajna year (October, 2020), Sadr Lajna Mulk, together with some National Amila members, embarked on a familiarisation tour of the Zones in Ghana. The tours offered Sadr Sahiba, her Naib Sadrs and some members of National Amila the opportunity to visit 12 Zones in Ghana, met with Lajna members in each of the Zones and shared inspirational messages with them.


During the tour, a report on the performance of the Zones based on their activity reports submitted were also discussed with Lajna members and office bearers in the Zones with proposed recommendations on ways to improve Lajna activities and reports on the activities on the Zones.  


However, following the increasing number of Covid -19 cases reported in Ghana after January 2021, Sadr Sahiba requested the permission of our beloved Huzoor (atba) to hold Zoom meeting with the remaining fifteen (15) Zones that were yet to be visited.


With the kind approval of Huzoor (atba) Sadr Sahiba, her Naib Sadrs and some National Amila members held a Zoom meeting with Lajna members of the 15 Zones.


Alhamdulillah, facilities were arranged in many Circuits for Lajna members to meet at their Circuits whilst observing Covid – 19 protocols to listen to the inspiring addresses and presentations by Sadr Lajna Mulk and her Naib Sadrs. The General Secretary also presented a report on the activities of the 15 Zones, pointed out the improvements made between last Lajna year and this year and encouraged the Zones to increase activities in their Circuits to meet the expectations of our beloved Huzoor (atba), insha’Allah.



Alhamdulillah, more than six hundred (600) Lajna members from the fifteen (15) Zones were reported to have met in some Circuits of the 15 Zones and joined the meeting. A few Lajna members also joined the meeting individually. Members expressed their pleasure in participating in the meeting and requested for more of such meetings.

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