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Two National Amila meetings were held on 14th March and on 21st March, 2021 respectively, with the kind approval of our beloved Huzoor (atba), to consider Shura proposals received from the Majalis. National Amila members met to consider shura proposals received from Majalis and agreed on the proposals to be compiled as acceptable proposals for further deliberation at Shura.


At the meeting held on 14th March, 2021 at the Headquarters of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Osu, Accra, the quorum of 3/4th of the total National Amila members required by the Lajna Imaillah Constitution to reject proposals received was not met.


Thus, another Amila meeting was convened on 21st March, 2021 to consider the proposals. Alhamdulillah, 47 National Amila members attended the meeting held via Zoom and the proposals received were again discussed. The proposals accepted and those rejected by Amila have been forwarded to Huzoor (atba) for His kind consideration and approval in order that they may be included on the agenda of Shura for further discussion, insha’Allah.

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