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Students have been coached on how to make and pursue their career choices whilst maintaining their Islamic identities and roles as wives and mothers. These skills were taught by Madam Rashida Hassan at the Maiden Seminar of Shoba Umoore Talibaat (Student Affairs) which was held on the 9th March, 2020. Madam Rashida recommended some winning principles to success in this endeavor such as Prayers, Agreement, Advanced Planning, Time Management, Determination Good Role Modelling, Patience, Sacrifice, Cleanliness, Teamwork, Transparency and Love. She coined these principles as the 12 disciples to success.

The second facilitator, Hajia Rahmat Ainooson gave a lecture on the Spiritual, Economic, Social and Political rights of the Muslim woman. The Secretariat educated members on the activities of the new Shoba and introduced the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women's Student Association (AMWSA). This was followed by an interactive session to engage participation with attendees.

 The seminar was attended by 48 members of Lajna Imaillah at the Abura Mosque, in the Abura Zone, Cape Coast. It was chaired by the National Secretary Mrs Rahmat Boamah Boakye Wasim. Hajia Sarah Anderson, the Honorary Member designated to the Secretariat graced the program as the special guest.

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