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Sadr Lajna Mulk toured the Northern Sector of Ghana from 10th June to 14th June, 2021 to undertake Lajna Centenary Tree planting activities. Lajna Immaillah Ghana will be 100 years in 2022 and as part of the preparations for the celebrations, Huzur e Anwar directed that 1000 trees be plant all over Ghana.

The Centenary tree planting was therefore launched on the 2nd January, 2021 and from the reports collated from the zones, 750 seedlings (trees) planted were growing well as at May, 2021.  Lajna Immaillah Ghana has chosen to go over and beyond the 1000 trees mark set for them by Huzur e Anwar (May Allah be his helper). Therefore, arrangements were made for 1000 seedlings (trees) to be planted at Shai Hills Reserve and 2000 more seedlings are expected to be added at the Reserve summing up to 3000 trees.

In addition, upon request by Lajna, a number of chiefs donated parcels of Land in the Northern Sector for the Tree Planting exercise. Sadr Lajna Mulk, Hajia Anisa N. Iddrisu toured the Northern Sector of Ghana from 10th to 14th June, 2021 to participate in the Tree planting exercise on the parcels of Land donated by the chiefs.

Alhamdulillah, Sadr Lajna together with some Amila visited Yendi, Tamale, Nalerugu, Walewale, and Bolgatanga Zones and undertook the Centenary Tree planting exercise.

At each of the Zones, visited, Sadr Lajna gave a brief history of Lajna Immaillah Ghana and the purpose of the exercise (Lajna Centenary Tree Planting). She also reminded Lajna of their roles and responsibilities towards their faith and their Nation. She advised Lajna on the way forward and encouraged the young ones to look up to Dr. Fatima Eshun Abass (Naib Sadr I) and aim at attaining high levels in education. Lajna and Nasirat need to be prayerful at all times and to offer a lot of sacrifices, both financially and the use of one’s strength or energy and knowledge to help others in the cause of Allah.

Sadr also mentioned the upcoming 2021 population and housing census in Ghana in July and requested Lajna members ensure that they and their entire households are counted. With regards to religious denomination on the census forms, all Lajna members should simply indicate that they are Muslims and belong to Islam religion.  Alhamdulilah, Sadr and her entourage were well received by Lajna and in some places the Chiefs at all the Zones visited.

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