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The National Umoore Talibaat Secretariat held a national virtual forum for members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Students’ Association (AMWSA). The three-hour audio forum moderated by the Naib Secretary Umoore Talibaat was held to provide a means of guidance and moral training to Ahmadi Muslim Female Students.

Alhamdulillah the programme received participants form five (5) T.I. Ahmadiyya Muslim Senior High Schools in the country as well as students from other senior high and tertiary institutions across the country. The total attendance of the forum stood over 350 participants.

The topics discussed during the forum included; ‘Our Religious Responsibilities and Modernity; Drawing a Clear Line between the Two’ and ‘Self-Motivation and Personal Development.’

The programme was chaired by Hajia Rahmat Moomen Muslim, an honorary member of Lajna Imaillah Ghana, a social worker, and a former Sadr (national president) of Lajna Imaillah Ghana. Naib Sadr I, Dr. Mrs. Fatima Abbas Eshun delivered a presentation on the topic; religious responsibilities and modernity, whilst Secretary Umoore Talibaat, Hajia Mrs. Rahmat Ayyub Ainooson handled the topic on self-motivation.

The presentations were followed by a question and answer session. Alhamdulillah, the programme was successful.

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