Sadr Lajna Mulk, Hajia Anisa N. Iddrisu met Nasirat from 26 Zones on Sunday, 25th July, 2021. The meeting, held via zoom, offered Nasisrat the opportunity to participate in most activities including recitation of a portion of the Holy Quran (chapter 3: Surah Al Imran vrs 20-21) by Mankessim Zonal Nasirat.

Introduction of the chairperson for the program, Sadr Mulk, was done by Obuasi Zone Nasirat, recitation of an Arabic poem by Accra Central Nasirat followed by the Nasirat pledge.

The chairperson, Hajia Anisa N. Iddrisu in her opening remarks extended salaam from our Beloved Huzur to all Nasirat present. She indicated that Huzur has been praying for all Nasirat.  Sadr Mulk, then proceeded to explain the meaning of Surah Al Fatihah recited in her opening remarks. She mentioned the importance of the surah which is recited in all rakaats of prayers and entreated all Nasirat to be mindful in reciting the surah.

Sadr Sahiba also explained surah Al Imran verses 20-21 recited at the beginning of the program to the Nasirat.  According to Sadr, the Quranic verses teaches us to be moderate in all things. We should therefore avoid shouting or raising voices at one another. Allah endows us with His Attributes, that we may be grateful, all should watch our speech, avoid injury to others, put fear of Allah in our hearts and follow the footsteps of people who lived righteous lives.

Sadr Mulk prayed for the Nasirat to grow up to become great professionals and office bearers in Lajna, for all their dreams and aspirations to come true and for them to get good husbands and bear pious children Insha Allah.  Ameen.

Nasirat present were given opportunity to ask questions on issues bothering their minds. The Nasirat in their closing comments prayed for our Beloved Huzur and asked that he visits Ghana. They also requested for a Madrasatul Hifz.

The following were pieces of advice by Sadr Sahiba to Nasirat;

  1. Follow good friend

  2. Avoid indecent dressing

  3. Wear the Hijab to receive its blessings and Allah’s protection as Allah enjoins in the Holy Qur’an. (Hijab gives one an angelic appearance)

  4. Avoid alcohol and do not be deceived into drinking it

  5. Avoid early intercourse and preserve your bodies for Allah and for marriage after completing school

  6. Avoid all forms of temptations

  7. Avoid petty stealing from peers, especially in school for Allah watches over us always

  8. No idling, make MTA your preferred station, only watch educative programs on Television and use internet for your benefits

  9. Spend more time in School and at Tarbiyyat Classes

  10. Set high standards and work hard to achieve them right from primary to the University Level and strive higher.