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On Friday 4th March 2022, Sadr Lajna Mulk   together with 11 National Amila members left the mission house in Kumasi Asafo to Sefwi zone. Alhumdulillah Sadr and her entourage   arrived safely in Sefwi and a meeting was held with members in the zone.


The meeting   began at 10am with a Holy Quran recitation by a member of the zone, followed by an Arabic poem. Sadr Lajna Mulk led members in the recitation of the lajna pledge, followed by an opening prayer which was again led by Sadr Lajna Mulk.

Introduction of national Amila members was then done by Naib Sadr III, Hajia Fatiha Mubeena Adusei, after which a welcome address and introduction of zonal executives and circuit sadraat was done by the Zonal Sadr Madam Halima Ismail.  This was followed by   songs of praise and then Sadr Lajna Mulk’s address.


Sadr Lajna Mulk Hajia Anisa Nasirudeen Iddrisu began by commending members in the zone for their massive attendance, and also commented on a few observations she made at the start of the meeting. Sadr inquired of the presence of Lajna police in the zone and she was informed that there was none in the zone. Sadr Mulk then directed that, Lajna police should be set up in the zone and the names of these members should be submitted to the national secretariat. She also advised that moving forward, the khuddam must be involved whenever there are activities of this kind in the zone to ensure maximum security.


Sadr Sahiba began her address by extending Huzoor(aba)’s Salam to members in the zone. She informed members that the purpose of her tour is to familiarize herself with them and also to seek their help in the performance of her duty. She advised members to pray all the time and seek Allah’s, guidance in all they do. She also advised all present to seek knowledge no matter their age and also write to Huzoor(aba). Sadr Sahiba advised members to learn how to recite the Holy Qur’an and involve their children in jama’at activities. Sadr Sahiba advised members on the need to pray at the appointed time set by Allah and must not allow social media and all the soap operas on television to become a distraction when it is time for salat. Sadr Sahiba added that all members must dress well as Muslim women all the time, by covering up well so that they can incur the pleasure of Allah. National Amila members present were also allowed some time to share a few words on inspiration with members present.


The meeting was attended by 100 Lajna members and 17 Nasirat. Also in attendance were the zonal missionary and his excutives. The meeting ended successfully around 12.30pm and was followed by Jummah Salat which was led by the zonal missionary.



On 5th March, 2022 Sadr Lajna Mulk together with 12 national Amila members and the Ashanti Regional zonal President, Mrs.Adiza Appiah met with members of Obuasi zone. The meeting began around 10am with a Holy Qur’an recitation by a member of the zone, followed by the Lajna pledge and an opening prayer led by Sadr Mulk. Introduction of national Amila members done by Naib Sadr III. A welcome address and introduction of zonal and circuit executives was done by the zonal Sadr. She stated that the zone has 379 Lajna Imaillah members and 163 Nasirat members. She mentioned certain achievements made by her office during her term, which included raising 3,000 Ghana cedis to support 2 members in the zone that had to go undergo surgery.


Sadr Lajna Mulk began her address by extending Huzoor(aba)’s greetings to members in the zone. She commended members for their massive attendance and stated that her believed in the Ashanti zones to be good has been confirmed. She prayed that Allah will help them to perform up to expectation. She stated that if Huzoor’s greetings mean a lot to all members present, then each one must be up to the task to ensure that the jama’at progresses and attains the needed success. Sadr Sahiba stated that each one has a part to play to ensure that the work of the jama’at progresses, therefore all members must put aside their differences and work together for the sake of Allah. She added that for the sake of Allah members must prioritize the work of the jama’at over any other work and also make time to listen to Huzoor(aba)’s sermons. Sadr Sahiba advised all members to learn and recite the Holy Qur’an very well and also bring along their children during all jama’at activities. She also advised members to dress well and observe the proper purdah as explained by Huzoor(aba).


The zonal missionary Maulvi Rasheed Mahmood Minhas also advised members present to understand their duties as Ahmadi Muslims and do all they can to see to the success of the jamat. He stated that our lives depend on Khilafat. He also added that even though Islam has given a high status to women, women must also learn to respect their husbands and as parents, members should also encourage their children to listen to Huzoor’s sermons all the time.


Alhamdulillah the meeting was successful. A donation was made to a Lajna member who had his son’s hand accidently amputated due to a medical negligence. The meeting ended around 1:30pm. A total of 150 Lajna members and 56 Nasirat were present at the meeting. The zonal and circuit missionaries were also present.



On 6th march 2022, Sadr Sahiba together with 13 of her national Amila members met with members of Kumasi North and Kumasi South zones at T.I AMASS. The meeting as with the previous meetings began with a Holy Qur’an recitation, the Lajna pledge, an opening prayer and a welcome address by the Kumasi North Sadr. She stated that the zone has 322 Lajna members and 147 nasirat members. She stated some achievements made by her office as acquiring mics for the mosque, changing faulty fans, and setting up of their Lajna office. The Kumasi North and South Sadraat both introduced their zonal executives.


Sadr Lajna Mulk in her address commended both zones for a warm welcome given her. Sadr Sahiba stated that the purpose of her meeting was to familiarise herself with members in the zone and also seek their support in the performance of her duties. Sadr urged all members to continue to pray so that COVID will be a thing of the past so we can continue all our activities as normal. She advised all members to also pay their Chanda regularly. Sadr Sahiba advised members to focus on their education and not let their marriages hold back their education. She also advised members to observe purdah as prescribed by Huzoor(aba). Sadr Sahiba reminded members about the tree planting project which forms part of the Lajna Imaillah Centenary. She said everyone must try and plant a tree where ever they are. Members of national Amila were also given the opportunity to share a few words of inspiration and advice with members. Total number of attendees present at the meeting were 532.



On 7th march 2022, Sadr Lajna Mulk together with 13 national Amila members and the Ashanti zonal president, Mrs Adiza Appiah  left Kumasi  to meet  with members of the Sekyere zone at Asokore. The meeting began with Holy Qur’an recitation. After recitation of the Holy Qur’an, the Lajna pledge and an opening prayer, members of national Amila were introduced after which the Zonal Sadr, Madam Halima Seima gave her welcome address and then introduced her executives. She stated that the zone has 300 Lajna members, 74 girls, and 174 Nasirat. She stated some of the challenges in the zones as members not willing to work when they are appointed, she however stated that a refresher course has been held for them, hoping it will spark a change in the appointed executives.


Sadr Sahiba addressed members, and in her speech urged members to remain steadfast since it is the only means through which success can be achieved by all. She advised members to be prayerful and perform more Tahajjud as we celebrate 100 years of Lajna Imaillah since its inception. Sadr Sahiba added that members must get involved in activities of the zone to help get the needed report for the zone. She advised members to abide by all directives and also ensure that Ashanti Region becomes the best zone. Ending her speech, Sadr Sahiba thanked  all Amila members who came on the tour with her, Madam Ayesha Boakye the principal of the TI AMASS, Asokore and Dr  Amtul Hayee  who  also serves as the zonal  secretary  for their immense contribution towards the progress of  Lajna in the zone. 100 Lajna members, 25 Nasirat and 40 girls attended this meeting. Alhumdulillah it was a successful tour.


Report by Nusrat A. Gyasi

(Naib Secretary Sihat Jismani I)

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