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Commencing the 2021/2022 Lajna year, Sadr Sahiba, Hajia Anisa Nasirudeen Iddrisu, embarked on her first visit for the year. Per the directives of Huzur(aba) during the Mulaqat held in the earlier 2020/2021 Lajna year, Huzuratba directed Majlis Lajna Amila members to do well to activate all inactive majalis in order to improve on their activities within the Jama’at.

Accompanied by some members of National Amila, Sadr Sahiba and her entourage began the three-day tour to the central regional Zones from Friday, 3rd December to Sunday, 5th December, 2021. Central Region, being the birth place of Jama’at Ahmadiyya in Ghana, hence the historical and memorable tour for the 2021/2022 Lajna year. Zones and Circuits visited during the tour were Mankessim Zone (Markazi Mssionary’s Wives) Jamia International, Essakyir Zone, Essiam Zone, Twifo Praso Cicuit, and Saltpond Circuit. During the visit, Sadr Sahiba, Hajia Anisa Nasirudeen Iddrisu addressed members by extending Huzur’s warm Salaam to all members. She continued by stating that, Allah Almighty has sent messengers to the whole of mankind which we are to obey the commandment sent by Allah through the prophets. She advised Lajna members to be mindful of the moral upbringing of our Children. Thus their upbringing should be dedicated to the service of Allah. We must strive in the cause of Allah by serving together as we have a common Leader with a common constitution within the jama’at. Again she reminded members that, Central region being the birth place of jama’at Ahmadiyya, our forefathers left the religion for us which is a great responsibility for us to propagate the religion to others who have not yet joined. So we have to be steadfast in our faith as Ahmadi Muslims. She advised members to do well to dedicate their selves to Jama’at activities.

Hajia Anisa Nasirudeen Iddrissu was also much particular about our way of dressing. In her address, she stated that, Huzur(aba) has described to us the minimum purdah every Ahmdi Muslim must observe. Thus by covering the forehead and the chin and covering her hand to her wrist. Bringing her tour to an end with meeting the Markazi Missionary’s wives at Jamia International, Mankessim, Sadr Sahiba adviced members that, we must all work together and should not allow our traditional differences deter us from serving the jama’at as one members. We must unite despite our differences as the motto of the Jama’at is: “Love For All Haterd For None”.

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