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On Thursday, 23rd December, 2021, Sadr Sahiba and her entourage began a 6-day tour to some selected zones of the north. The tour began at Tamale. On 24th December, a visit was made to a tree plantation owned by Lajna in Yendi which was partly destroyed by fire. Later in the afternoon, Sadr Sahiba met with the Lajna and Nasirat of Cheriponi. She advised them that after accepting Islam and Ahmadiyyat, they are all one and the same Ahmadi Muslims.

On Saturday 25th of December, 2021, Sadr had a meeting with Bunprugu Lajna and Nasirat of the Nalerigu Zone. After giving a short address, she encouraged them to dress modestly. Sadr entreated them to take the Covid-19 vaccination as directed by Huzuratba. From Bunprugu, the team proceeded to Temaa. Sadr Sahiba addressed the Lajna and Nasirat gathered in the mosque. Sadr Sahiba met the members of Bgintiri, Obalada and gbandaa circuit. Finally, the day's tour ended at Kulgona.

On 26th December, Sadr Sahiba and her entourage visited another community in the Nalerigu zone, called Naagboo. She met the Lajna and Nasirat members and expressed her gratitude towards Allah that he allowed them to be a part of this Jama’at.

Sadr Sahiba and her entourage paid homage to the chief of Gambaga, and to the Gambaga Alleged Witches camp. The coordinator briefed the team on the history of the camp and was grateful for the visit. He disclosed that since the establishment of the camp in 1994, it was the first time a Muslim group has visited. Sadr Sahiba was thankful to Allah for His bountiful grace for the traveling mercies. She explained that we usually see or hear about the camp on media and television and decided to visit them.

On Monday 27th December, 2021, the Sadr met with the Lajna of Techiman zone. Sadr Sahiba addressed the members and extended Huzuur’s (Anwar) Salaam to them. Later, members of the entourage split to Sunyani and the rest continued to Kumasi, where the tour ended.

In all the meeting with Lajna members, she enjoined them to observe their five daily prayers and encouraged them to offer tahajjud and assured them of Allah’s blessing if they supplicate to Him. Futhermore, she encouraged them to pay their chanda Tahrik-e-Jadid and waqfe jadid for funds are needed to serve the many new converts in North who have many needs to be attended to. She also encouraged the nasirat to dress modestly and explained the importance of pardah. She explained how lucky all of them are to be part of the Jama’at. In the end, she advised to all the members to offer gratitude to Allah at all time.

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