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Sekyere Zone presents six (6) Nasirat for Essay and Quiz Competition

Alhamdullilah, three (3) Circuits in Sekyere Zone; Pramso, Baworo and Mampong Circuits presented 2 Nasirat each to participate in the Essay and Quiz competitions launched by the National Nasirat Secretariat.


Masih-e- Ma’ud Day Celebrated in Sekyere Zone

Masih Ma’ud day, which falls on 23rd March every year, was marked by all Circuits in the Zone on 28th March, 2021. Lectures on the life of the Promised Messiah and prophecies supporting his advent were delivered. In total, 120 Lajna and 38 Nasirat members in the Zone participated in the programs. In the Asante Akim and Mampong Circuits, after the celebration, a talk was delivered on Depression – Its causes, effects and how to avoid it.


Health Talk at Baworo Circuit

A team from the Ejisu Health Directorate visited Lajna members at Baworo Circuit on the 15th of January 2021 to give a health talk. The Team educated members on COVID-19 prevention measures and protocols. After the talk, there was an open forum for questions and answers. There were 23 Lajna and 15 Nasirat present for the talk.