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Nasirat Secretariat organized a virtual workshop on 17th July, 2022. The purpose of the workshop was to fulfill the directives received from our beloved Huzoor(aba) and also give the chance for our Nasirat to ask questions to clear their doubts on Khilafat and build better understanding on the system of Khilafat and how they can increase their love for the Khalifa of the time.

The topic treated was, ‘Instilling Love of Khilafat in the Nasirat.’ The speaker explained what Khilafat is, its importance, things to do in order to stay connected to Khilafat and what makes the Khilafat of Ahmadiyyat unique.

A number of questions were asked by the Nasirat which were answered and explained to their understanding.  Questions included how the Khalifa is elected, why all Khulafa with the exception of the 1st Khalifa are from the family of the Promised Messiah(as), how the Khalifa can know them, how can they meet the Khalifa and many more.

A total of 305 Nasirat participated virtually from across the country.

After the workshop, the Secretariat devised a method of getting the feedback from Nasirat, through the Zones to ascertain the level of understanding they got. This was done as a follow up program, in which they were asked to tell the Nasirat Secretariat what they had learnt from the workshop by sending an audio recording of what they learnt and their views on the programme. Alhamdulillah, Nasirat from 85% of the Zone forwarded their responses which were all positive. Alhamdulillah they learnt a lot.

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