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The Ta’lim secretariat organised a one- day seminar nationwide via zoom on Saturday, 23rd July, 2022 on the following topics from Markaz;

  1. Suratul Fatiha (Ihdinas-siratal mustakeem)

  2. The blessing / importance of khilafat.

  3. Guideline for writing letter to Huzoor

The total number of devices linked in were one hundred and fifty-five (155) with the total number of participants four hundred eighty-three (483) Lajna and thirty-six (36) Nasirat from thirty (30) zones.

The seminar started at 9: 00am with a recitation from the Holy Qur’an recitation by a member from Yendi zone. She recited Holy Qur’an chapter 24 verses 56-58. This was followed by the Lajna pledge which was led by Secretary Ta’lim, Madam Sarah Saeed.

Sadr Lajna Imaillah Ghana in her opening address advised the Lajna members to take their time, relax and recite the Holy Qur’an. She also stated that, it is very important to implement these directives from Markaz.

The first speaker of the seminar was Madam Malikida Oppong Sawiri who spoke on the topic ‘The blessings/importance of Khilafat’ she started her speech with a recitation of the Holy Qur’an chapter 24 (Suratun-Noor) verse 56 which talked about Allah (swt)’s promise to the believers. She went on by talking about the death of the Holy Prophetsa as a dreadful calamity to the Muslims so much that some close companions did not believe. Hadhrat Abu Bakr had to quote Holy Qur’an (3:145) before they believed.

Again, she mentioned that, khilafat is the most important institution after prophethood in Islam. She made clear the meaning of khilafat in three contextual ways which are khilafah, khulafa and khilafat itself. She also explained the two types of khulafaa mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. She then threw more light on the Khulafa-e-Rashideen and the verse she recited at the beginning of the speech.   She then went on by quoting the four main important tasks of a khalifah from the book ‘Blessings of Khilafat page -9’.

The next speaker was supposed to be Madam Zainab Nkrumah and her topic was to be, “ihdinas-siraatal mustakeem” but due to poor network she could not deliver her speech.  Hajia Fatiha Mubeena Adusei (Naib Sadr III) took it upon herself to share with us one of Huzoor’s sermons which also talked about ‘ihdinas-siraatal mustakeem.’ She stated that the companions of the Holy Prophet (SAW) used this phrase to refresh their faith. She made the participants aware that accepting the imam of the age is a right path and we should not relax after this but move a step further.

The last topic treated was ‘guidelines for writing letter to Huzooraba’ and its importance which was delivered by Madam Sarah Saeed (Secretary Ta’lim). She took the Lajna members through the steps in writing a letter to Huzoor and stated that writing letters to Huzoor helps us to get closer to him. During the open forum; members were given the opportunity to ask questions, give their comments, contributions and suggestions. Advice was given that, zonal coordinators and circuit secretaries should hold such seminars at the zonal and circuit levels to benefit all the members right from the grassroots and they should report back. A supplementary report template was shared to coordinators and secretaries to enable them report every month. An audio of Madam Zainab Nkrumah’s speech and soft copies of the other speeches were also shared with members after the seminar.

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