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A virtual meeting was organized on 18th June, 2022 via ZOOM by the department of UMOORE TALIBAAT on the topic, 'social interaction and wellbeing.' Alhamdulillah it was a successful meeting.

Ms. Matina Keelson from University of Ghana, recited the Holy Qur’an melodiously and the chairperson was introduced by Ms. Ridwana Quansah from Techiman Technical University. Hajia Anisa Ismail Rasheed, Naib Sadr II and the chairperson for the meeting accepted and gave her remarks. She also led the opening prayer.

The speaker, Ms. Zakiyya Mohammed Bin Salih took over and spoke about the need for socialization by saying ‘Social interaction is the foundation of society’. She continued with the definition of socialization and it types, social interaction and examples related to social interaction. She also spoke about the forms of social interaction and its structure, patterns and types of social interaction.

She quoted some of the importance of social interaction from an address delivered by our current Khalifa, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad(aba) during the inauguration of Baitul Aafiyat mosque in Philadelphia, USA that; “It is a fact of life that human beings are such creatures who cannot survive without social interaction and without developing mutual relations with other people. Irrespective of differences of race, religion or social background, we are united as human beings and so it is vital that we interact with other people, rather than isolating ourselves or only mingling with members of our own particular community.

In all respects, dialogue is crucial to breaking down barriers and increasing mutual understanding and knowledge. For the advancement and evolution of society, and to foster an atmosphere of peace and togetherness, respectful discourse and discussion.”

In the course of delivering the speech, Sadr Lajna Mulk, Hajia Anisa Nasirudeen Iddrisu also added her voice before leaving for another equally important meeting, saying; our beloved Huzoor(aba) extends his greetings and he also remembers us in his prayers. She continued by saying one’s social interaction should be in congruent to the Islamic teachings and we should be mindful of how we expose ourselves. Again, she emphasised on the need for our social values should conform to the Islamic values and we should not let societal values pull us away from our moral upbringing and Islamic values.

Sadr Mulk, also spoke on some aspects of marriage. 

  • Praying for guidance.

  • Choosing a partner within the folds of the Ahmadiyya community and she elaborated on why we must adhere to such.

Furthermore, she spoke about the need to learn to obey the khilafat and added that we should look out for values that will draw us closer to Islam Ahmadiyya, and also, we should not to pull away from society but we must know how to relate with them.

The speaker later continued with the importance of social interaction, she said,

It helps to acquire inter – personal skill

It also helps people to co – exist peacefully

It enhances communication skills,etc.

She also added that we should avoid time wasting, backbiting, etc.

In summary, the existence of social society is based on social interaction. To understand every society, it is relevant and important to study the nature of social interaction in particular society. Social interaction is the basis of not only society but of culture as well. Both culture and society are the products of social interaction. Thus, society has risen out of interactions. Its very existence is impossible without social interaction. They form the ground on which culture arises and thus ensures its continued existence. Hence, the study of social interactions should in fact be the first step to the study of society itself. An understanding of social interaction is an essential prerequisite for the understanding of social relations.

During the open forum session, Hajia Halima Opoku Ahmed added her contribution to LGBTQ+, saying it’s a mental problem.

Madam Nusrat Gyasi, added her contribution on a question that was asked (how can an introvert improve her social interaction?) she said; ‘One being an introvert does not stop you from interacting with people. Being socially afraid can be unlearnt and all social skill can also be learnt. It all begins with the change of one’s mindset.

She also contributed on the question (can environment impact on one’s social interaction?) she added that, the environment can highly impact one’s social life. That, whatever you keep hearing becomes part of you, your identity and how think.  She advised that we should keep a good cycle that can push us and help us grow a positive mindset.

Ms. Zakiyyah Mohammed Bin Salih used herself to site an example and how far she has been able to overcome the challenges associated to socializing and she also said, we should know how to work ourselves around things or people in our surroundings. She also said, through a good and positive mindset, one can improve. Alhamdulillah the program ended successfully with a silent prayer.

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