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Umoore Talibaat, Tamale Chapter organised a virtual workshop on 26th June, 2021 via whatsapp platform. The workshop was a means to educate members, Alhamdulilah 50 AMWSA members were able to attend. Also, present, were Naib Sadr III, Hajia Fatiha Mubeena Adusei, Umoore Talibaat Secretary, Hajia Rahmat Ainooson Ayyub and Tamale Zonal Lajna Sadr Madam Fadila Mohammed.


The discussions were based on two topics selected from the Umoore Talibaat action plan, thus Stress and its Management and Inferiority Complex and How to Overcome it.


The program commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran and an opening prayer. Alhamdulilah, there were two wonderful speakers to educate members on the above-mentioned topics. Dr. Hawa Boakye, took Members through STRESS and its MANAGEMENT.  Below is a brief summary of her presentation.


Stress is any type of change that causes physical, emotional and psychological strain. A natural response of the body that is initiated to prompt the individual of danger in other to act.  Thus, stress becomes a negative impact when there is no danger and yet the body initiates it. Stress can be identified by some of these listed signs and symptoms;

  • mood swings

  • insomnia

  • diarrhoea,

  • anxiousness

  • digestive problems

  • low energy (the feeling of not wanting to do anything)

  • Difficulty in concentrating and remembering

  • Worry too much, etc


From her speech, stress can be managed by changing one’s situation or changing how one respond to a situation and it can be treated via varieties of ways including medication. She therefore advised against the attitude we hold towards people who seek mental health treatment. Such people are seen to be “mad”. Members were advised to desist from such habits and rather encourage and support people in such conditions.


The second speaker, Hajia Fatiha Mubeena Adusei enlightened members on Inferiority Complex and its management. She started by reminding all present how lucky we are to be muslims and to accept the Messiah of the age, the PROMISED MESSIAH (as).


According to her, inferiority complex occurs when one does not know how lucky they are? She said, from the dictionary, inferiority complex is an unrealistic feeling of generalized inadequacy by actual or supposed inferiority, by oneself being a “NOBODY”. This can lead to social withdrawal and extreme sensitivity, attention seeking behaviour among others. The following are signs and symptoms of inferiority complex.

  • Feeling of being withdrawn (the saying of some people are better than them)

  • Trying to outperform people and sometimes blame people’s success on luck

  • Attention seekers

  • Constantly blaming the universe around them; people etc


Before one can overcome inferiority complex, one has to understand the reason why they feel inferior evaluate it and find how to overcome it as well. One should know her worth, try to understand the purpose of her life and work towards it.


ACCEPTANCE is half the problem solved and DENIAL is worst to oneself, therefore one should keep a positive mindset and be grateful with what you have and where you find yourselves. One must always trust in God almighty and must never disregard anyone around you, rather try to find the good in people and do not blame them for your woes. Aim for efforts, not perfection and stay focused.


COMPARE YOURSELF today TO YOURSELF YESTERDAY and do not compare yourself to others, this can be done by keeping records of your good efforts each day in a book and improve on them daily. Alhamdulilah, the workshop was very educative and beneficial to all.

By Mufida Mubarak (UT president, Tamale)

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