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Techiman Circuit Lajna Visit the Aged

On 23rd April, 2022, during the month of Ramada, 14 Lajna members of Techiman circuit participated in visiting some of the aged in the Techiman circuit. During the visitation, each aged was presented with a cash of 20 Ghana cedis together with other items like milk, veils, sugar and sardines.

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Techiman Lanjna participate in Virtual Salat Meeting

National Lajna organised a zoom salat Meeting on 25th April, 2021. Techiman circuit Lajna participated in this all-important program by converging at the mosque. Amplifier was use so the members could hear clearly. Thirty (30) members were present at the mosque whereas some individuals who could not make it to the mosque listened to the program at various places.
It was a very lively moment. All the speakers at the program took turns to digest their topics very well such that participants did not need much explanation when opportunity was given for questions and answers session. We commend Sadr Lajna Imaillah, Ghana for organizing such an educative and lively program. It has been observed that many Lajna now take their time to offer their salaat especially during Jummah. We are hopeful that many members are going to improve on their salaat performance InshaAllah.

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Sadr Sahiba, Hajia Anisa N Iddrisu visited Bamboi circuit on 21st August, 2021.  She observed Fajr prayers at the Circuit with 12 Lajna members and 2 Nasirat. She was accompanied by some National Amila members. After the salaat, she had a talk with members and advised that members should endeavour to be active in their services to the Jamaat and must also take their salaat performance seriously.  She further advised that members lead exemplary lives in their homes and wherever they find themselves and must not neglect their financial obligations Amatullah .

Following the talk, Sadr Mulk donated 5 yassarnal Quran and some 5 snacks to the Nasirat present. Lajna Members in the circuit presented a gift to her in gratitude for her visit. Sadr had made a brief visit to the Nkoranza circuit the day before. She held a short meeting with Lajna after Jummah salat and continued on her journey. Alhamdullilah.


Techiman circuit in the Techiman zone organized a qulujamia event on 1st January, 2022. During the program, Murabi Donkor sahib highlighted on the fact that Lajna Imaillah in the circuit needs to be revived through unity. Alhamdulillah the program was attended by 68 Lajna and 25 Nasirat.