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A meeting was organized on 13th March, 2022 via zoom by the department of Umoore Talibaat, to connect its members and Sadr Mulk. Alhamdulillah it was a successful meeting. The three-hour long meeting began with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an, and was followed by an introduction of the Chairperson and the recitation of an Arabic poem. Sadr Lajna Mulk then led the recitation of the Lajna pledge and an opening prayers was made.


A brief welcome address was given by the Secretary Umoore Talibaat, Hajia Rahmat Ayyub Ainooson. All institutional heads of AMWSA were introduced to Sadr Sahiba and a brief report on the activities organized by the various AMWSA branches was present by the National AMWSA president, Ms Ruqyah Oduma Domson. Songs of praises were sung after which Sadr Lajna Mulk, Hajia Anisa Nasirudeen Iddrisu gave an address.

In her address, Sadr Sahiba, acknowledged Hafiza Mohammed for the melodious recitation of the holy Quran and emphasized on some of the verses she recited. Sadr Sahiba also acknowledged the people present and shared a few encounters she had during her visitation especially her interaction with the AMWSA president in Real AMASS, where she said some Ahmadi ladies do not show interest in the religious activities and some too do not want to be recognized as one of them which sadden her.

Sadr Sahiba advised members to take up responsibilities, wherever they find themselves since service to mankind is service to Allah. She told the Umoore Talibaat members to familiarize themselves with the executives and to those using smart phone to drop their contact in the chat box.

She tasked and encouraged the executives (national, zonal, circuit) that we have a great task ahead of us and we should help bring her lost daughters on board. She spoke about the outreach programs of Lajna and Nasirat in the remote areas to remind them on the essence of modesty, being an Ahmadi and also intensify the tabligh and tarbiyyat around those areas.

After her address, members from Assin zone sung songs of praises and later the forum was open to all to ask questions or share pieces of advice. A member asked about minimum veiling specification to which an answer was provided that it requires one to cover to the chin, the forehead and the cheeks (to the chin). Another concern was raised regarding veiling in schools that restrict it. Sadr Sahiba advised the students keep it in the bag and wear it when they’re outside the walls of the school.

A question was asked regarding the duration a widow stays before getting married. (Sadr together with Hajia Fathia Mubeena answered saying four months and ten days) A question was also asked on artificial adornment. She was advised that moderate eyelashes and fingernails can be worn but it must be short. But on make-up, Hajia Fathia Mubeena quoted our beloved Huzoor(aba) saying, make-up can be used in the midst of same sex but it should be covered when in a mixed sex (males and females) event.

A question was on a school girl who wants to get married. Sadr Sahiba advised that the lady in school should focus on her education to get the best of result, but if she’s matured enough to take that step, she should study the background of her partner to be and pray for guidance.

After Sadr Sahiba’s closing remarks and vote of thanks, the program came to an end with a closing prayer led by Hajia Fatiha Mubeena Adusei (Naib Sadr III). Alhamdulillah the program attracted a participation of over 180.

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