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Sadr Lajna Mulk Plants Centenary Trees at Yendi

Sadr Lajna Mulk was at Yendi on the 11th of June, 2021 to participate in Lajna Centenary Tree Planting exercise. Out of a total of 960 seedlings provided under the Green Ghana Tree Planting exercise, 460 were planted on a portion of land owned by Lajna Yendi and another 500 planted in conjunction with the forestry commission on a piece of land offered by the Yaa Naa, the overlord of Dagbon. 
A total of 122 members were present for the exercise out which 104 were Lajna and Nasirat, 5 Ansarullah and 11 Amila and Zonal executives. 
Sadr Lajna Mulk and her entourage together with Yendi Lajna executives, after the tree planting exercise, later paid a courtesy call to the Yaa Naa Palace. The Yaa Naa, was excited to receive the Group and Sadr Lajna presented a citation on behalf of Lajna Immaillah to the Yaa Naa.

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