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History of Nasiratul Ahmadiyyah Worldwide

The idea to establish Nasirat-ul-Ahmadiyya worldwide was hatched by the daughter of HadhratKhalifa-tulMasih II (ra) (HazratMusleh Maud) namely, HazratAmatul Rashid Sahiba (ra) in the year 1928. However, its initial set up was in February, 1939.

After the women’s auxiliary of LajnaIma’illah was established by the Second Khalifa (ra) in 1922 due to the realization of the important role and contributions of women in Islam and the affairs of the Jamat, his daughter SahibzadiAmatul Rashid Sahiba (ra) who was still a little girl at the time wanted to contribute to the activities of Lajna. She states:

“When I was in religious class, it came to my mind that just as there is LajnaIma’illah for ladies Taleem and Tarbiyyat, likewise there should be an organization for girls…”

“So I stated this to the wife of Mukarram Malik SaifurRehman and Mukarram Hafiz Bashiruddin Sahib and the sisters of my class. And all of us girls formed an organization whose name, Nasirat-ul-AhmadiyyaHazratAqdas approved.”

Although the idea of a girls auxiliary was formed in 1928 and its initial set up in 1939 it was not yet formally launched as an auxiliary organization of the Jamat.

 In 1944 HazratMusleh Maud (ra) had a divine revelation about the training of Ahmadi females. Allah revealed to him that; 

“Islam will be victorious if you are successful in reformation of 50% of women (1944)

Recognizing the importance of focusing girls on a higher purpose from an early age therefore, he formally launched Nasirat-tul- Ahmadiyya; which literally means “Female Helpers of Ahmadiyyat”;  as an auxiliary organization of the Jamat in 1945. With the main purpose of providing moral and religious training of young girls as well as help these girls focus on a higher purpose and a high standard of spirituality.

Its first secretary was TayyabaSadeeqa Begum Sahiba and the first Ijtema of Nasirat-ul-Ahmadiyya took place in 1956. The delay between the formation of Nasirat-ul-Ahmadiyya and its first Ijtema was because; Ahmadis had to migrate from Qadian after partition of India in 1947.

         Age Groups within Nasirat

  • Qanitah (7-9 years) - Qanitaat (The Obedient Girl)

  • Sadiqah (10-12 years) - Sadiqaat (The Truthful Girl)

  • Muhsinah (13-14 years) - Muhsinaat (The Benevolent Girl (The Doer of Good))

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