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Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission plants trees at Tingnyoring

Tingnyoring (N/R), June 12, GNA – Some members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission on Saturday visited the Tingnyoring community in the Kumbungu District of the Northern Region and planted about 500 trees.

The varieties included mango and shea to help protect the environment.

The exercise, which fell in line with the national Green Ghana project, formed part of activities to mark the Centenary celebration of the establishment of the Lajna Imaillah Ghana (the women’s wing) of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission.

Hajia Anisa Iddrisu, Sadr (National Leader) of Lajna Imaillah Ghana, who addressed members at the Tingnyoring community before the tree planting exercise, said Lajna Imaillah Ghana was established in 1922 and would be 100 years in 2022, hence some activities including tree planting to mark the celebration.

Hajia Iddrisu said the tree planting exercise was being replicated in all the 27 zones of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission across the country including Yendi, Salaga and Nalerigu.

She said since January, this year, over 750 trees planted by some members of Lajna Imaillah Ghana were doing well.

She spoke about other tree planting initiatives of the group and said in May, this year, it initiated the mahogany plantation project at Shai Hills where over 3,000 mahogany trees were planted and advised members of the Tingnyoring community to nurture the trees to grow.

Hajia Iddrisu spoke about the Centenary celebration of Lajna Imaillah Ghana and encouraged members in the Tingnyoring community to actively participate in the activities lined up towards the celebrations by honouring their obligations to Allah, which she said held a lot of benefits for them.

She further advised the women to take good care of their homes and children and teach them to be respectful in society to prepare them for future leadership roles.

Maulvi Abdul Jabar Adam, who is the Tamale Zonal Missionary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, said protecting the environment and planting trees were dear to Allah, adding that such acts brought blessings to those who planted trees.

Maulvi Adam encouraged the group to continue to impress community members to desist from cutting trees in the area to help safeguard the environment.


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